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Hookah (Hindi: हुक्का, Urdu: حقّہ, transliteration: ḥuqqa), shisha or arghileh (Arabic: شيشة أو أركيلة‎), nargilah (Hebrew: נרגילה‎, Turkish: nargile) or ghelyan (Persian: قلیان) is a single or multi-stemmed (often glass-based) water pipe for smoking. Originally from India, it has gained popularity, especially in the Arab World,[1][2] particularly under the Ottoman Empire. A hookah operates by water filtration and indirect heat. It can be used for smoking herbal fruits.

Depending on locality and supply, hookahs may be referred to by m

any names, often of Arabic, Indian, Turkic, Uzbek, or Persian origin. Nargila is the name most commonly used in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Albania, Bosnia, Greece, Turkey, Armenia,Bulgaria and Romania, although the initial "n" is often dropped in Arabic pronunciation. Narghile derives from the Persian word nārgil (نارجل), meaning coconut, and in turn from the Sanskrit nārikela (नारिकेला), suggesting that early hookahs were hewn fro

m coconut shells.[3]

Shisha (Arabic: شيشة), from the Persian word shīshe (شیشه), meaning glass, is the common term for the hookah in Egypt, the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf (including Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia), and in Morocco, Tunisia, So

malia and Yemen.

In Iran, hookah is called ghalyūn (غلیون), ghālyūn (قالیون), or ghalyān (قلیان), and in India and Pakistan the name most similar to the English hookah is used: huqqa (हुक्का /حقہ). The more colloquial terms "hubble-bubble" and "hubbly-bubbly" a

re used by Red Sea tourists.

The commonness of the Indian word "hookah" in English is a result of the British Raj, the British dominion of India (1858-1947), when large numbers of expatriate Britons first sampled the water-pipe. William Hickey, shortly after arriving in Kolkata, India, in 1775, wrote in his Memoirs:

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There are, however, a few rumors circulating about shisha that make many people wary about trying this fine treat. Shisha detractors claim that it causes pollution and that dirty mouthpieces and pipes are liable to spread infection.

They say that while the shisha mouthpiece may be regularly changed, it's very difficult to clean the actual pipe, which may harbor infectious diseases.

It's not tobacco, marijuana or crack cocaine, but this smoking fad has health officials very concerned. They say that since people sit at hookah stations for 30 or 40 or 60 minutes, the amount of nicotine that goes into the smoker during this period is quite significant.

Technically speaking, yes, it's unhealthy, although only negligibly. The water takes away approximately 90 percent of the harmful chemicals, and so a pipe contains merely 0.5 percent nicotine and 0 percent tar. Also, if its not inhaled, there is no danger of lung cancer.

Since shisha is tobacco, smoking it likely involves some of the same ill effects as other types of smoking. However, whereas cigarette smoke fills one's chest with a harsh, burning sensation, one can barely feel shisha smoke in the lungs. Because of the smoothness and the fact that it is light, filtered, and cooled, it is very probably the safest form of smoking there is.

And because it takes a few minutes to set up and then a long time to savor (similar to pipes and cigars), shisha smoking is unlikely to entail that psychological addiction for a quick puff that cigarettes can. Shisha outlets claim they always provide a new plastic mouthpiece, hygienically wrapped and sealed. It may not be politically correct, but tobacco and related paraphernalia is still a big part of the Arab culture.

Remember shisha is still tobacco, and that means all the health risks are imminent if one is not responsible. It is better to limit your intake to a few times a month or less. Restrict your shisha smoking to social gatherings and you'll be fine.

Currently, health watchdogs are looking closely at the smoking of shisha in public places and how it will fit into new guidelines on public health. Specific guidelines will sharpen the fight to protect the environment and protect the health of the public.

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